Access Control

Kube Ops View supports protecting the UI via the OAuth Authorization Code Grant flow.

Relevant configuration settings (environment variables) for OAuth are:

The app’s own URL, e.g. This is used to construct the OAuth 2 redirect URI (callback URL).
OAuth 2 authorization endpoint URL, e.g.
Token endpoint URL for the OAuth 2 Authorization Code Grant flow, e.g.
Folder path to load client credentials from. The folder needs to contain two files: authcode-client-id and authcode-client-secret.

TODO: how to configure

Screen Tokens

Screen tokens allow non-human access to the UI to support permanent dashboards on TV screens.

On your local machine: authenticate via OAuth redirect flow and go to /screen-tokens to create a new token. Write down the screen token on a piece of paper.

Go to the TV screen and enter /screen/$TOKEN in the location bar.

TODO: how do screen tokens work?